The Ideal Cannabis Candidate

As one of the fastest-growing new markets today, cannabis is an exciting industry with plenty of opportunities for career growth and change. It is also a highly competitive market at all levels. However, there are certain things that you can do as a candidate to make yourself stand out when applying for a cannabis position. 

Here are the qualities cannabusinesses are looking for when hiring the ideal candidate.

Be Ready to Learn

The ideal cannabis candidate needs to be open to educating themselves on this industry and their role. This is a new market with many unique facets that differentiate it, including the legal and medical properties of the plant itself. Candidates should consider doing some preliminary research in the lead up to their cannabis interviews.

While a basic knowledge of cannabis is good, the ideal candidate should be willing to go above and beyond to try and understand their field of interest within cannabis. Educational courses are an excellent tool for those looking to focus their cannabis knowledge and score a top position

Translate Past Experience

Part of the learning curve of working with cannabis is learning how to translate relevant experience from previous positions and apply it to this new vertical. This candidate will be able to see how their experience can be applied to this industry in new and creative ways.

For example, a traditional sales role is not so traditional in cannabis. Sales associates at the dispensary level must be able to recommend products for recreational and often medical use. Employees will use traditional listening and sales tactics to assess the customer/patient’s needs, combined with their expert knowledge of the product and it’s intended effects. This is also another case in point of why education is so important in this field.

An Open Mind

Cannabis is not a traditional market or a traditional product, but that’s part of what makes it such an exciting field to work in. The ideal cannabis candidate will have an open mind and be ready and eager to try new things.

Due to laws and state-by-state regulations working with cannabis will be far different from working with other industries, but that shouldn’t make it intimidating. Remember, this is a new industry for many people. The ideal cannabis candidate will be ready to learn, listen, and participate in this growing market.

Passion for People and/or the Plant:

To score a top role in cannabis, candidates must also have a passion for people and/or the plant. While passion for the product is a definite plus, the most successful people in this industry have a passion for helping others. This compassion for others will help you in understanding this market and the needs of those using these products.

Loving what you do is essential in any role, having a passion for the cannabis plant and/or the people who use it is especially important for candidates looking to break into this industry.

In Conclusion

The ideal cannabis candidate will have the above skills and attributes, as well as a passion for the role and the consumers it affects. If you’re considering a transition to a career in cannabis, be ready to talk about what other attributes or skills you can bring to the industry that makes you stand out. There are thousands of jobs in cannabis today looking for quality candidates that can demonstrate they have the skills to make an impact on this industry. If you don’t have the skills and traits above, consider taking a course and doing your research before heading into your next cannabis interview.

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