Let your staff's
learning take root.

Customers require guidance through the ever-evolving world of legalized cannabis and having a knowledgeable staff will be the difference between good dispensaries and great ones.

Grow your

Growing Talent can manage the end-to-end recruiting process for your dispensary including recruiting, education & training, on-boarding, and ongoing Human Resources services. Our dedicated team of recruiters will ensure that you receive a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, and our education professionals will guarantee that your staff is fully-trained and certified. From there, we can manage the entire on-boarding process and even offer ongoing human resources services to continue supporting your growing dispensary.

Our commitment to the SEED (Social Equity through Education & Diversity) principle means that we are not only dedicated to identifying the best candidates in market, but that we are actively working to help develop talent through digital and in-person training initiatives.

Equity Engine

Growing Talent’s Equity Engine™ integrates directly with our online learning platform to instantaneously update your candidate profile with each training you complete and any certifications you receive. This means that employers have unmatched access to the most qualified candidates in a single, unified platform. Our core mission at Growing Talent is to build a platform that promotes social equity, diversity, and the development of the future leaders and innovators in the emerging cannabis market through education and training.