Blazing the Trail in 2024: The Latest Innovations in Cannabis Products and Consumption

2024 is here, and so are we! Welcome to our first blog post of the year, we will be coming to you with hot topics, trends, and everything related to thriving in the growing Cannabis industry! So, to my fellow enthusiasts, leaders of today, and tomorrow: we’re exploring some of the most exciting innovations reshaping our beloved cannabis world in 2024. The industry is buzzing with new products and consumption methods, some of which I would have never thought of seeing, and I can’t wait to review these trends with you. Whether you’re a connoisseur, a casual consumer, or curious about the evolving landscape of cannabis!

The Evolution of Cannabis Consumption

Remember the days when smoking a joint was the height of consumption? Well, times have changed, and so have the ways we enjoy our green. 2024 has brought a surge in diverse product offerings, from infused pre-rolls to consumer-focused effects for tailored experiences. We’re seeing a shift towards personalized experiences, tailored to individual intake preferences and needs.

Pre-Rolls Take the Lead

Let’s start with pre-rolls. They’re not just a convenience anymore; they’re an art form. In Canada, pre-rolls are expected to surpass flower as the top product category, and they’re gaining similar traction in the U.S. What’s driving this trend? Multi-packs and infused pre-roll sales, thanks to improved quality and lower production costs, giving consumers variety and quality like never before. I have always been a fan of infused pre-rolls. I remember when I first tried Jeeter’s in LA back in 2017, and now we have just started to see infused pre-rolls come to life in the latter half of 2023. I’ll still say that picking up a pack from my favorite Sweet Flower dispensary in Westwood (in Persian Square of course) will always be part of my itinerary when I’m in LA.

The Rise of Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Another hot topic is cannabinoid therapeutics, particularly CBN-infused products. These are dominating the edible market and driving global sales to impressive heights. As consumers seek natural sleep aids and therapeutic options, cannabinoids like CBN are stepping into the spotlight. This isn’t just about getting high; it’s about harnessing the plant’s full potential for wellness and health. The consumer segments continue to increase with the rise of cannabinoids, and we can only hope for continued research and growth to show the true benefits of these targeted, cannabinoid specific products to the public.

Consumer Preferences Shaping the Market

And it’s not just what we consume but how we choose it that’s evolving. Consumers are becoming more informed and discerning. They’re looking beyond THC levels, a mindset of the past, to consider terpenes and other compounds that influence one’s experience. I once heard, if you smoke a strain you like, find out what strain it is and look it up. Next time you’re buying weed, the terpenes found in the strain you first enjoyed will help you decide what to purchase off the current menu to enjoy equally if not more. This growing awareness is empowering consumers to make choices based on their desired outcomes, whether it’s relaxation, creativity, pain relief, or just fun.

The cannabis industry in 2024 is a kaleidoscope of innovation and consumer empowerment. From the rise of sophisticated pre-rolls to the growing interest in cannabinoid therapeutics and new form factors, the ways we interact with cannabis is evolving rapidly. As we ride this green wave of change, it’s exciting to think about what the future holds for us and the industry.

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Written by: Sina Daneshvaran


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