Let your temporary workforce take root.

Knowledgeable cannabis talent is in high demand, and our contract workforce is available to put their expertise to work for you!

Working in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry requires meeting demand in newly legalized markets and onboarding specialized talent immediately to successfully meet your corporate objectives. Contract staffing is one of the most effective ways to swiftly meet the ever-changing needs of the cannabis industry.

Whether you are seeking one professional for a short-term project or a full team of resources to support a major initiative, Growing Talent has the network of qualified professionals to execute your strategy today.

Benefits of Contract Staffing


Grow your staff to meet the needs of your business utilizing our on-demand workforce of highly-qualified professionals.


Professional expertise means the work is done right the first time and that you only pay for the work you need done when you need it.


Experienced contractors bring specialized expertise to your organization to get projects done.

Growing Talent’s cutting-edge Equity Engine™ platform provides employers with the best talent by filtering out biases and presenting candidates based exclusively on their skills, experience, and capabilities.