Your Role In The World Of Cannabis

The world of cannabis is expanding rapidly, and it can be hard to understand where you fit into this new industry. For those considering a career in cannabis, the possibilities are endless. See what career opportunities exist in this growing market.

The Associate

For many people, their only interactions with legal cannabis will be at a dispensary to purchase either medical or recreational cannabis products. The team at the dispensary is trained to help customers find the right products for their unique needs. Often called budtenders, these sales associates have a wealth of knowledge about the products their dispensary sells. This is an excellent starting off point for anyone interested in a career in cannabis.

The Cultivator

Working to get cannabis products on the self is a little bit more complicated than just growing and harvesting the plant and packaging it. After the plants are cared for and harvested by a team of dedicated growers, they must pass inspections and be sorted for their different uses. Cultivators have a passion for horticulture as well as systems management, and thankfully with modern technology, growers can now operate all year round perfecting their plants.

The Developer

Even though traditional cannabis consumption is still high, products like edibles and concentrated vapor cartridges are becoming increasingly popular and thus add another step to the process of getting cannabis products into the hands of the customer. Because of this, professional chefs, scientists, researchers, and doctors all play a part in the cannabis cultivation and product development process.

The Executive

Outside of cultivating and selling cannabis, there is the operational side of the business that must be handled as well. At the executive level, professional strategists with backgrounds in finance, law, and scientific study all have a role to play. Take a look at any executive cannabis team across the industry; they pull talented individuals with the right experience to help support their cannabusiness no matter their background. Working at the executive level of a cannabis company requires professionals to translate their experience from more traditional industries to this thriving market.

The Others

While there are hundreds of thousands of jobs within cannabis, there are even more ancillary roles that support this industry. These positions help support cannabusinesses by providing much needed B2B services. Other roles that are needed in the world of cannabis include marketers, accountants, human resources, graphic designers, researchers, and many more.

There are a multitude of ways for individuals to be a part of the cannabis industry today, and working in legal cannabis has never been easier. Whether you’re interested in selling, cultivation, or development, there is a role within the world of cannabis for everyone.

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