Top 8 Transferable Skills For the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors today. There are now over 321,000 full-time jobs in cannabis, and that number is expected to continue growing as the industry expands. If you are considering a career in cannabis but aren’t sure if your current skills align, don’t fret. Many traditional professional skills you may already have are easily transferable to roles within cannabis.

Here are our top eight transferable skills for the cannabis industry. If you are applying for new cannabis roles, consider how these skills might help you succeed and demonstrate or show examples of you using them.


With any new industry, there are growing pains, and cannabis is no different. In this industry, you need to act quickly on your feet and be flexible to changes or curveballs thrown your way. The ability to be flexible and adjust to new situations or problems will benefit you on your cannabis career path.


Similar to your ability to be flexible, being a self-starter is another huge bonus for cannabusiness employees. Self-starters are ambitious and willing to take on new challenges. This is incredibly helpful in the cannabis industry as new challenges arise as the industry works through its growing pains.


Now, you don’t have to be an IT wiz, but having a solid foundation of tech knowledge will serve you well in the cannabis industry. The roles you are applying for will vary in how tech-inclined you need to be, so make sure you align yourself with roles that fit your abilities. There are many jobs in cannabis that require you to use tech, so even a good grasp of the basics will go a long way.


Not every cannabis role will need sales skills, but a lot do! Sales doesn’t just mean your ability to sell goods; it includes your ability to create meaningful business relationships with customers. Being able to communicate clearly and understand your customers’ needs is incredibly helpful for cannabis roles at all levels.


Similar to sales, marketing is another essential skill for cannabis, as it helps you build a more extensive network for your business. Marketing skills will help you connect with customers and other businesses through channels like email, SEO, word of mouth, and social media.


As stated above, the cannabis industry can throw you curveballs and bring new challenges as it grows and adapts. Not only can flexibility help you in these situations, but so can agility. Agility is your ability to move quickly and easily when presented with new challenges. This requires you to be level-headed, and a critical thinker as you will need to make decisions quickly and assuredly.


While there are many jobs available in cannabis, there are also many applicants. As a new and exciting industry, cannabis has attracted all kinds of talent with varying levels of dedication and seriousness. This industry is looking for candidates who want to make a career in cannabis and are willing to collaborate with others.

Quick Learner

There are many ways to learn in cannabis, including training programs, networking events, and first-hand experience. Learning quickly and applying that knowledge to your work is incredibly important as this is a new and changing industry to many. Even if you have no cannabis knowledge, you can still succeed in the industry if you can learn quickly.

If you’re interested in making a move to a career in cannabis, Growing Talent is here to help. With more than 25 years in the recruitment space for new verticals, Growing Talent is well equipped to help you navigate this budding industry. We’ll connect you to a network of top minds in cannabis today and help you find your perfect fit within the world of cannabis.

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