10 Tips on How to Network in Cannabis

The cannabis industry can seem intimidating if you don’t have experience with it; however, it’s like many traditional industries, where the more connections you have, the better. By networking with a career in cannabis in mind, you can connect with other professionals who can help you reach that goal.

Whether you’re just starting your exploration into the cannabis industry or you’re looking to broaden your network, these tips will help you establish a presence on and offline and connect you with those who can help enrich and advance your career.

1.   Create a strong online presence

In a digital age, you must have an online presence that accurately showcases your professional skills, as well as your ability to navigate and interact with modern technology. No matter your digital literacy, you can quickly establish profiles on networking sites like LinkedIn or a cannabis-specific network. Start connecting with people you know from previous positions and letting your network know what you’ve done and what you would like to do.

Before you start reaching out to potential cannabis industry connections, make sure you do your research. If you’ve never had a job in the cannabis industry before, make sure you know what you’re looking for in a cannabis career. Once you know what types of jobs you are looking for, you can start looking into different companies and connections.

2.   Attend industry networking events (online and off)

Even throughout the global shutdowns of 2020, the cannabis industry was still growing and networking, even when virtual became the only option. The best way to learn about the cannabis industry is to join networking events where you will listen to industry experts speak on interesting topics and even have a chance to ask questions and connect.

Once feasible, there will be in-person networking events for the cannabis industry, but for now, the online programs being run now are incredibly well-done and informational.

3.   Join online industry groups

Many cannabis industry organizations operate online groups either through their website and communication or on other social media platforms. These different groups might focus on specific subgroups within cannabis, like women in cannabis or cannabis in a particular state. Join a combination of general cannabis groups and any subgroups relevant to your interests, demographics, or skills.

4.   Connect with an industry-specific recruiter

Connecting with a recruiter will open up more options for you to network and find jobs not otherwise listed. Recruiters can help you understand the roles you are looking for and the industry as a whole, especially if you have never held a job in cannabis before. Recruiting partners will also connect you with other cannabis professionals within their network and allow you to establish meaningful connections.

5.   Join cannabis-specific social media platforms

Even though it’s a newer industry, there are several cannabis exclusive networking apps. Some of these platforms and apps are geared more towards cannabis users and user experience, so make sure you are signing up for apps that will benefit your networking goals. Some platforms you should consider joining include Leafwire, MJ Link, and CannaSOS.

6.   Be an active member of the community

Once you’ve made it onto social networking sites and established your professional presence, don’t forget to communicate with your new network! Be an active member of the communities you’ve just joined so that you and your connections get the most out of the experience. Comment on posts you find interesting or relevant, ask questions, and join the discussion. You’ll get the most out of your network by interacting with it and staying current.

7.   Keep your resume updated

As you connect and learn about the cannabis industry, make sure you keep your resume relevant to your skills and interests. Cannabis resumes are not incredibly different from traditional resumes, but you should still tailor your resume to the industry and jobs you are looking for. Small changes in language to reflect your knowledge of the cannabis industry will go a long way.

Consider taking cannabis training courses that will give you insight into the industry and invaluable information that you can bring into your career. Adding these courses to your resume is a massive bonus for cannabis professionals.

8.   Follow hashtags related to the industry

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are great places to follow along with the current conversations and get essential industry updates. These sites let you follow specific hashtags relevant to your interests, so you’ll be alerted about news in these areas. Do some research on these platforms to find the right hashtags for you and your interests, and they will likely vary between platforms.

9.   Connect with industry professionals in a meaningful way

It’s one thing to reach out and connect online with someone, but the best way to nurture your industry connections is to genuinely engage with them. When making your connections try to reach out with a personal note and explain your interest in connecting, and when they post something relevant to your interests, reply and ask questions. This will help start a conversation that is more meaningful and possibly provide you with the opportunity to start a more in-depth conversation.

10. Craft your elevator pitch

Lastly, make sure you have a professional summary of yourself and your career goals in cannabis on hand for when these conversations happen, and they will happen! Your elevator pitch should give a quick overview of your skills, background, and interests within cannabis. When you find yourself in networking conversations, you will easily be able to speak to your goals and communicate your skills and experience. This will also let the person you are speaking with know the basics of who you are and what you are looking for so that they might better connect you with other colleagues or opportunities that are a good match.

If you’re interested in making a move to a career in cannabis, Growing Talent is here to help. With more than 25 years in the recruitment space for new verticals, Growing Talent is well equipped to help you navigate this budding industry. We’ll connect you to a network of top minds in cannabis today and help you find your perfect fit within the world of cannabis.

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