Best Entry-Level Cannabis Jobs

With over 200,000 full-time jobs reported in 2019, the cannabis industry is now a major employer in the United States. While there are immense opportunities at varying levels of experience, most considering a cannabis career will be just starting their professional journeys. Those looking to gain access to one of the fastest-growing industries today, these top five jobs are entry-level positions in cannabis for those wanting to get their foot in the door. 


The cannabis plant, often categorized as indica, sativa, or ruderalis, is the booming cannabis industry‘s foundation. It only makes sense that this plant’s care and cultivation is at the core of most cannabusinesses today. As the industry relies upon well maintained and cultivated crops, Cannabis Bud Trimmer has become a popular entry-level position for those interested in starting a career in growing cannabis.

Cannabis Bud Trimmers can come from many backgrounds and do not require specialized education, though experience with agriculture is a significant bonus for applicants. Trimmers in many states will need to be at least 21 years of age, and may also require a permit, so be sure to check your state’s requirements before applying. While there are no education requirements, some skills that produce the most successful trimmers are organization and cleanliness, knowledge of cannabis autonomy, and manual dexterity.

Extraction Technician

While traditional cannabis flower is still the most popular way Americans consume THC, there has been an increase in the use of both cannabis edibles and concentrates (including shatter, budder, rosin, live resin, and others). These products require the extraction of the cannabinoids (the part of that plant that gets users high), by either solvent-based extraction or mechanical extraction. Each type of extraction requires an Extraction Technician who works with a team to ensure product safety and consumer satisfaction.

Extraction Technicians do not require special training or education. However, most positions will require a High School Diploma or GED. As you will be working directly with the cannabis plant, applicants must be at least 21 years old and will most likely need a permit to work at a cultivation center. This position is entry-level, but applicants with extraction, packaging, and quality control experience will have a leg up as these skills are highly desired in this position.


Including ancillary services and technologies, there are over 20,000 cannabis-related businesses in the United States. This industry is still growing, and soon there will be a lot more competition for cannabis companies of all kinds. Having a unique voice and story is incredibly important for companies in this space; that’s where marketing professionals and writers come in. These jobs are either done by an in-house team or by an outside firm hired for specific campaigns or more extended contracts.

Marketing professionals have many backgrounds, but typically you will need a degree in Marketing, Journalism, or Communications. An entry-level position in marketing can include many different duties; however, most will have to interact with clients, do research, and write content to be used in promotional material and social media.


There are an estimated 5,000-7,000 dispensaries nationwide, serving medical and recreational cannabis to millions of customers each year. The sale of cannabis products is a major aspect of the cannabis industry, and consumers rely on educated Budtenders to help them make decisions when it comes to choosing products. While a Budtender does not require a degree, they will need to get a cannabis worker’s permit, and once hired, they will need to learn about the cannabis plant in its entirety to do their job effectively.

Budtenders are a combination of sales representatives and cannabis consultants. This position requires traditional retail skills like stocking inventory, using registers, customer service, and other cannabis-specific knowledge. This cannabis knowledge is crucial to making sure dispensary customers are accurately recommended products to address their concerns. As an entry-level Budtender, you will go through training, either at the dispensary you are employed at or with an outside training program, to ensure you are abreast of the ever-changing cannabis industry.

Delivery Driver

Medical cannabis is now legal in 33 states and is on the ballot in both Mississippi and South Dakota this upcoming election. Over 4 million medical cannabis patients across the United States rely on cannabis products to help with a range of ailments from Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, and Multiple sclerosis. These patients benefit from Cannabis Delivery Drivers,  who can bring cannabis products to them, saving them the time and effort of going into a dispensary.

Cannabis Delivery Drivers are becoming more popular with the growth of both medical and recreational cannabis sales and companies like Eaze. Delivery Drivers do not require special education; however, they must pass a background check in most cases and have to have a valid driver’s license. Cannabis Delivery Drivers will sometimes need to make recommendations to patients and verify their information for each order. Skills that a Cannabis Delivery Driver should have include organization, customer service, and professionalism.

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